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We asked our licensed Realtors “Why did you join RE/MAX Alliance and why should others?”

Their answers follow:

Kandola_ManpreetManpreet Kandola

I have been very happy working at Remax Alliance. My business has increased substantially since starting with Remax. Both buyers and sellers appreciate the brand recognition the Remax brand in a hyper competitive marketplace. I enjoy working in a high producing office and exchanging ideas with fellow realtors. Ron Neil is a very successful realtor and has been helpful in mentoring me to build my business. The managing brokers have been very helpful and the administrative staff is very helpful. If you want to build a business and take your business to the next level then come join our office. Don’t hesitate to call me if you have any hesitation.

Delmaire_Claude_webClaude Delmaire

Choosing the right realty company was extremely important to me. I interviewed with the top 6 companies in Victoria and it was obvious to me that RE/MAX Alliance was the RIGHT company for me! Having hugely successful and experienced broker/agent Ron Neal to train and mentor me on a daily basis has proven to be invaluable to my success. The office has a synergy about it that you can feel when amongst the  group. Ron is high energy, fun, gives back to the community, and he loves to share his knowledge and experience with all the new realtors coming on board!  The “Golden Rule,” values/ethics/high road that Ron demonstrates everyday and expects of his Sales Representatives parallels the ones that I, myself live by day to day. I have been a Realtor at RE/MAX Alliance for 7 years and it has proven to be on the most positive choices I have made in my real estate career.

Davidge_Lynnell_webLynnell Davidge

Joining RE/MAX Alliance has surpassed my expectations of the type of Brokerage I see myself being a part of…. When looking for a place to build my Real Estate career, I wanted to find three key elements that will keep me progressing successfully… they are: 

Leadership in an environment that creates energy which pushes one through the barriers to their own success … how better to follow a owner/broker that has come from the ground up and leads in part  by his own accomplishments and success… 

Energy… by which I mean all the participants in the brokerage are dynamic (think out side the box) as well as the leader … and are all striving to improve at what ever level or task they are at… with the key element of being positive, fostering an environment to grow in… 

Global Recognition and support of the RE/MAX brand and foundation …..knowing the tools and processes have been time tested successfully…. if I engage them,  I will grow and succeed… 

RE/MAX Alliance certainly “sets the stage” for me to be the best I can be… thank you. 

Carley_SusanSusan Carley

Why I joined RE/MAX Alliance

While my initial reason for joining this company was because I joined forces with an agent who was already affiliated with RE/MAX Alliance, I am very happy with the move and wish I had done it much sooner!

The Big Picture:

While attending the orientation presented by the RE/MAX of Western Canada organization I began to realize that what I thought I knew about RE/MAX was just the tip of the iceberg! There is so much support, education and inspiration offered by this company! There isn’t even enough time in a day to fully explore the training opportunities that are continually offered and updated through Mainstreet. Connected to this is Leadstreet of course which has already sent me a couple of leads I would not have received if I weren’t a member of RE/MAX.

I am about to attend my first R4 International Conference in Vegas and I’m very excited about the incredible lineup of speakers and presenters as well as the phenomenal networking opportunities.

I am also finding I am so proud to represent this brand. RE/MAX is everywhere in both promotional and philanthropic ways! Everytime I see a RE/MAX ad or hear them mentioned in conjunction with sports organizations or charities it feels great to know I’ve contributed in my small way to a lot of worthy causes. With so many agents internationally, we have the volume to make real differences!

 Closer to Home:

 Ron Neal and his RE/MAX Alliance ‘family’ are a close-knit and incredibly supportive group of highly skilled people willing to share their knowledge and experience to help make us all better. I have felt welcomed from the first day by Ron, the admin staff and all of the agents I have met during the last 8 months. Our meetings are educational and inspiring with real content that can be used daily. Everyone is positive, respectful and encouraging about successes and struggles alike! Ron himself is a likeable, approachable and down to earth person with an open mind and a true ‘team’ approach to running his office.

 If anyone is thinking about making a change, I highly recommend you come and visit our office and see for yourself what a great environment Ron has created so we can all continue to build and be successful!

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Why I joined RE/MAX Alliance

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Why I joined RE/MAX Alliance

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Why I joined RE/MAX Alliance